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The training course includes the knowledge and strategies of the best Trader in Spain and one of the five best traders in the world, showing the success of his knowledge as a professional trader for years and in a competition with real money for a whole year in the most prestigious Traders competition in the world / / / W. T. I. \ \ \ With profits of more than 83%.
This method, which has generated success year after year, is completely mine. And, of course, the most important factor: the consistency of the Trader job. Apart from all that I have just pointed out, we cannot forget the great independence that the knowledge of this subject offers to everyone.
The training program is the most complete in the world. It is made with the implementation of the Trader in the real stock market. Training can also be carried out for days for an easier access to it, taking into account our students needs, with the PRIVATE option: Privilege.

Training in "Professional Trading" can be find in:
1. Classroom lessons
2. Online (special training programmes)
3. VIP (Individual Training) *
* There are private training programmes devoted to one student only (request for information).

Level I

Here you learn how to take advantage of the stock market movements, stocks, and futures, with a technical analysis, fundamental, how to enter this world of financial markets easily, taking advantage of them to get benefits and taking advantage of the asset movements. You also learn how to manage a stock portfolio.

• The trader: an aristocrat, a nobleman.
• Learning to live as a great speculator.
• Why most amateur traders lose?. Reality!
• Basic principles of the Dow theory.
• Types of instruments for the market.
• CFDs go beyond the market with little effort.
• Technical Analysis.
• Chart types, differences.
• Introduction to candlestick charts.
• Trends, "Accumulation" and "Distribution" (minutes, hours, days ...).
• Turnover figures and figures of the trend continuation.
• Typical figures with the best results in operations.
• Interpretation of the most popular indicators and oscillators.
• Macroeconomic and Fundamental Data.

Level II

We will see all the markets in detail. We will use technical analysis with valid strategies to make a profit of futures, as in any market reflected in a period of up the intra-day. With this course we should be able to take our own successful decisions having the choice to think before taking them and without the need of looking for the analyst of the day to show us the way to go, independence.

• Forex (the fastest and free-flowing market 24 h
• Futures (the Professional tool)
• Future: Due date, types, the "Elite" assets
• Technical Analysis (Advanced II).
• Fundamental Analysis (keys)
• Capital management
• The Trader Psychology
• The different markets, where I should start
• What markets are the best, where I can get more profit in less time

Time + Patience + Persistence = Success
• Speculation systems
• Starting to work as a "professional"
• Started work
• "Journal of Trading" management

Level III

Live professional operation. The professional performance of a Trader, the reason for the inputs, outputs closing, filter for operation, probabilities assessment in operations by volatility, greater seek of profit through assets and tools.
We will direct each student to a high accuracy and low cost professional broker to develop this job with the maximum professionalism and usage of the greatest tools nowadays.
Each student will have a computer with the professional learning platform.
All the training takes place on working days with the markets open, watching strategies and operations live, movements search, how to find those movements which can make us get benefits successfully and, and more important than that, consistently day by day, is the real way to be profitable.
The most important thing in trading is to continue working with the everyday sum for the coming years and not to try to make the most of the coming years in one day.
Real-time operation, monitoring of different products and fast execution figures with the markets open in real time.

What are you waiting for? Be a successful trader!


First Trader Opening Bell (BSO)

Compuesta por Rafael Febrer para Rubén Vilela