My name is Ruben Vilela and I work as a Professional Trader.

 I am the first Trader in Spain and one of the top 5 World Professional Traders.

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I have been following the markets since I was 14. As soon as I finished school I used to go to my bank with an authorization signed by my parents to follow the course of the sessions and do my operations. That happened until I got a mobile phone.

I am used to hard work and discipline and that is what has made me acquire the greatest treasure of all: KNOWLEDGE. All my life knowledge has provided me with great freedom besides letting me choose what I wanted to do at any time.

I was born in Langreo (Asturias). I am 29 years old. I will always remember my parents telling me “Whenever you watched the stock market on the news your eyes lit up with a special glow”.
As I have said before, I am the first Professional Trader in Spain and one of the top 5 professional traders in the world, according to the 2009-2010 edition of the World Top Investor, that is, the most prestigious competition in the world which deals with real money. I would like to highlight that I am doing my work at a moment when uncertainty is increasing and economic conditions are not the most suitable.

My passion is the stock market, where hours turn into minutes and seconds into days. It provides me with incredible and very valuable feelings.

I live an independent life and I consider my lifestyle different from the rest. I do what I want to do everyday and all thanks to trading.

When you think about a target, it could seem impossible at first but then you decide to go for it and do your best. Once you fulfill it you feel that you have everything. You must fight for it every day, of course. Nobody said it was easy.

I love to follow the stock markets day by day. Every piece of news, openings, closes... everything is interesting and important for me.

I have operated in all kinds of stock markets, circumstances and cycles and in recent years in most of the operations in the shortest term, intraday trading that can last even seconds, providing incredible returns.

My best operational period (profitability / time) until now has been to get a return of more than 300% in a month. I work with very different and outstanding media such as Investment Strategies, RPA (Radio), TV and press.

I am the first Spaniard in the world to operate directly with real money (personal account) in front of more than 1,500 people.
I have given lectures all over Spain to help and contribute to the worldwide expansion of financial literacy and, in particular, Trading.
I conduct specialized training in professional trading, which is one of the best trading courses in the world nowadays, with real-time practice and education in the formalization of consistent objectives, risk management and focusing on assets most likely to produce benefits in the shortest possible time (Operating Timing).
I am a professional Trader specialized in all international stock markets, especially in the U.S. stock markets. I am specialized in raw materials such as basic and precious metals, grain, oil, currencies and countless derivatives, but also in Spanish and international actions.
Since I was 14, I have been rotating in the different financial markets around the world and I have successfully survived to 4 of the biggest crisis in history:

• Dot COM (tech bubble) • Lehman Brothers • Sovereign Debt • Current Financial Crisis

First Trader Opening Bell (BSO)

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